How to be Successful in the Beauty and Style Industry- Advice from Bobbie Thomas

I interviewed Bobbie Thomas a few days ago and got so much valuable information concerning beauty, fashion, and style, that I decided to make a few posts based on our conversation. This post offers advice from Thomas on how to successfully break into the beauty and style industry.

Thomas has years of experience in the beauty and style world, according to her Facebook page she co-hosted the Style Network’s Fashion Police and “appeared as both a co-host and guest on a variety of E! Entertainment specials, including their annual red-carpet Emmy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Academy Awards coverage,” the page said.

Thomas empowers women through style and beauty, and is currently the Style Editor on the Today Show where she comes up with ideas and finds products and trends to share on the show. Thomas is coming out with a book about inner and outer style in April and hopes to work with the United Nations Foundation and their GirlUp campaign in the future.

Here are Thomas’ tips on how to make it in the beauty and style industry.

  • Don’t worry about what medium you want to use. Television, print, or even blogs, are just platforms that allow you to share a message.
  • Figure out what you love about fashion and beauty and find your message.

“You could be spinning your wheels trying to create a website or applying for internships, but it’s important to step back and figure out exactly what you’re interested in sharing first,” Thomas said.

  • Determine what makes your message unique or how you can enhance the existing conversation. For example, are you offering a fresh perspective, helping to share the conversation with a new audience, or improving the field?

“It’s not that what I do is something somebody else can’t do, but it’s important to think how you’re going to add to that,” Thomas said. “Find a way to put a unique twist on your message, and determine how you can build on or enhance what’s already out there.

A general takeaway that worked for Thomas is to make your message stand out, no matter what field or topic interests you.

“At the end of the day, whether you are talking about fashion and beauty or finance, health,etc… We are all people and this world is based on relationships so we are all looking to offer something up in exchange for hopefully doing something we love professionally that will help us keep the lights on and pay the bills. You really have to ask yourself “What am I adding?” Thomas said.

Copyright-free image courtesy of Google Images.

Copyright-free photo courtesy of Google Images.


How to eliminate blackheads using two ingredients found at home!

I wasn’t planning on blogging today but I tried out a skincare trick that I just had to share.

1/4 cup of milk mixed with one tablespoon of baking soda creates an exfoliant that can be rubbed on blackhead prone areas to clear out the pores. 

I found the recipe in this article, which contains other natural skincare remedies as well.

The mix also cleaned off excess hair dye stains I happened to have on my face and body.

However, from personal experience I have learned that baking soda dries out skin… so be sure to moisturize afterwards!

Coming Soon: An interview with the style editor from the Today Show, Bobbie Thomas

Today I had the very fortunate opportunity to interview Bobbie Thomas, the style editor from the Today Show. We talked about inner and outer beauty, what it’s like to work on the Today Show, and she gave advice for people aspiring to break into the beauty and style industry.

Bobbie was inspirational and down to earth, not to mention generous for giving her time to a 20 year old college student!

I will be blogging about our interview soon, so stay tuned!

While you are waiting for my post, check out her Buzz from Bobbie Thomas site to learn about beauty, fashion, tech tools, and watch her segments on the Today Show.

My blog so far…

With winter quarter being halfway done (joy of joys!) it seems to be an appropriate time to do a little self evaluation on beautytipsandtricksbykat. I showed some fellow students my blog and based on their feedback, realized what I was doing right and what I could improve on.

I am proud of my blog so far. I enjoy engaging my audience by adding links and photos, posting on topics that are not well known, replying to comments, checking out their blogs if they have one, and interacting on Twitter. I have received what I think is an impressive amount of traffic and a lot of comments but it is difficult for me to differentiate between spam comments and true feedback. The topic of “how-to’s” have reached the most audience. People search and view my posts that explain how to make beauty products more than just general beauty tips. I have started to receive an increase of follows and likes from other beauty and style blogs and so this makes me feel like I am becoming a credible beauty blogger. I always tell my sources that I am looking for fresh and new information that cannot be googled and I have done a good job at publishing likewise information. Of course, some things can be found on the internet but they tend to be harder to find and lacking in detail. My blog has been focused and consistent with the topic of beauty, and I have not veered off course.

In my next posts I would like to take more photos. I have heard that photos captivate and keep people’s interest so I would like to incorporate more of them into my blog. I have also gotten requests to post more, and I will try to fulfill this request but am very busy being a full-time college student and working most days.

All the colors of the rainbow, at Salon Lux Aveda. -Photo taken by Katharine Gore

All the colors of the rainbow, at Salon Lux Aveda. -Photo taken by Katharine Gore

Of course I have also gotten inspiration from other places on the internet. Below are some sites that I admire and hope to emulate.

  1. Hannah Kristen’s Tumblr blog. This girl had a normal blog but got lots of questions about her makeup. She added a section on her blog about her makeup (primarily eyes) and keeps it updated with photos, tips, and beauty products she uses.
  2. MustHaveBoxes on Pinterest.  This site subscribes to an array of beauty sample boxes (a topic I visited in this post) and each month reviews one box and every single product that comes with it. This site provides consistent and helpful information for which beauty products are a necessity and which ones are a rip-off.
  3. Derier Cri Et Plus on WordPress.I love this blog’s theme and that it’s posts that are a colorful and fun mix of fashion and beauty. The blogger frequently posts cute “outfits of the day” and has recently posted and shared different manicure how-to’s that I will have to try out.

Hair Care and How to Grow Hair Fast

Damage, split ends, stunted growth…these are all common problems that most of us have faced when it comes to our hair. Thankfully, there are measures we can take to prevent these beauty mishaps.

This post will cover hair care tips, and advice on how to grow hair the fastest. Unless stated otherwise, information was obtained from Amanda Duckett, who has worked with hair at Tigerlily Salon in San Luis Obispo for 8 years.

Best hair care tips

-Good product is essential when it comes to taking care of hair.

“Build a framework- just like building a house. You should have a foundation product like a water-based detangler, then body building or voluminizing product, and then a finishing product that is more oily; like Moroccan oil or styling balm,” Duckett said. “Go from lightest to heaviest.”

-Don’t over wash. Hair needs to be washed, but over washing will remove natural oils and dry out hair. People should wait as long as possible in between washing.

Irie Clark, a freshman at Santa Rosa Junior College, has been caring for, bleaching, and dying her hair vibrant colors for years so she knows the importance of not over washing.


One of Clark’s Crazy Colors! -Photo courtesy of Irie Clark

“I would wait maybe four to five days to wash hair because your hair naturally secretes oils but if you wash it every day you don’t get those oils, and those oils make you hair amazingly soft and shiny,” Clark said.  “I used to bleach my hair at least three times a month for about three years, and I never got fried feeling hair, and I believe that is due to letting the natural oils saturate and protect my hair most days.”

More info on why not to over wash can be found here.

-Avoid constant heat styling.  Some examples are don’t flat iron, blow dry, or curl hair every day.

Also “Don’t go over the same section when you flat iron,” Duckett said.

Flat ironing a section one time still leaves hair straight! -Photo by Katharine Gore

Flat ironing a section one time still leaves hair straight! -Photo by Katharine Gore

-Use a wide-toothed comb for wet hair. Brushing wet hair with a brush is damaging.

Amanda Beck, Cal Poly senior and architecture major, combs her hair when it’s wet and plans on using a comb on dry hair as well.

“I use a comb because I’ve heard it’s better for curls, so I’ve been trying to use it more,” Beck said.

Happy hair makes a happy lady! Beck using her wide-toothed comb. -Taken by Katharine Gore

Happy hair makes a happy lady! -Photo by Katharine Gore

How to grow hair fast

-Take vitamins and drink lots of water religiously. Duckett recommended Biotin to promote hair growth.

“If you don’t take care of your body on the inside your hair won’t grow,” Ducket said. “What you put into your hair you will get out of it.”

Clark is also aware of the benefits of vitamins and vouched for a few different kinds.

“I take vitamin E, and I will take prenatal vitamins when I can afford them. Vitamin E helps hair grow and prevents hair loss, and also is good for dry skin and keeping your complexion clear,” Clark said.

-Trim hair. If you get a split end and don’t trim or cut it, it will go all the way up and you’ll have to cut more later. Beck knows it’s best to stop split ends as early as possible.

“Split ends make me sad, if I get split ends I cut them myself,” Beck said.

Duckett recommended a trip to the salon for haircuts/trims.

Following these simple tips should lead to luscious locks in no time!

DIY Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polish is a polish that has a flat finish as opposed to shine. Matte is super in right now but the popular options for people who want to try it out are to buy a brand new nail polish from a store or use their own eye shadow to make it themselves. Thankfully, there is another way to easily make affordable matte nail polish.

Matte nail polish (shown on Caroline Yabiku).

Matte nail polish (shown on Caroline Yabiku, Cal Poly senior and engineering major).

Sephora offers a clear top coat that will turn a nail polish into a matte color but it is $10 and a pain to have to go out and buy a new polish. Sephora doesn’t even sell colored matte nail polishes. Matte nail polishes can be bought at a pretty cheap price at the drugstore but they are also cheap in quality and chip very easily… you can’t add a clear topcoat of protection because that would ruin the matte effect.

The next option is making your own matte nail polish. Most DIY matte nail polish projects online suggest using eye shadow and clear polish to make matte. This is problematic because you have to find an eye shadow color that appeals as a nail polish and waste it.

Thankfully, there is a very simple way to make matte nail polish with only three ingredients: regular nail polish, a disposable container/surface, and corn starch.

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